Content Warnings

Katalepsis is (partly!) a horror story — it’s also a story about found family, mental illness, demons, cosmic Outsider god-things, metaphorized LGBT themes, and a dozen other subjects that can get pretty heavy, despite the overall positive tone.

To help facilitate ease of reading, the clickable orange link below contains a list of general content warnings for the story. Many/most of these content warnings are pervasive throughout the story. Some of these content warnings are followed by chapter numbers in brackets, like this: (7.14) This indicates this warning is particularly relevant to the listed chapters, but is not confined to the listed chapters.

Please note that this list may not be exhaustive. I’ve tried to cover everything, but I may have missed something here and there. This is a work in progress and still being added to!

Content Warnings

Mental illness/hallucinations/discussion of mental healthcare
Discussions of homelessness
Body horror
Cosmic horror
Alcohol use
Drug use

Discussion of amputation (2.10)
Cannibalism (7.1)
Self-harm, thoughts of self harm (7.13, 7.15, 8.6, 9.4, 14.9, 14.17)
Discussion of assisted suicide (7.13-7.14, 9.2)
Dysphoria (7.15 onwards)
Suicidal ideation (9.1, 12.1-12.2, 15.15)
Attempted suicide (11.11)
Discussion of death (9.8)
Dissociation (9.13, 15.6)
Depersonalization (8.1)
Explicitly offensive nudity (13.10-13.11)
Torture (14.3)
Mention of rape as part of a metaphor (14.3)
Animal death (14.6)
Trepannation/surgery (14.5)