First things first: This is a work of fiction. This is not real. Names, characters, places, events, conditions and institutions are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

1. Can you give me a more detailed blurb?


Katalepsis is about a university student who discovers her hallucinations and nightmares are actually real. She meets some dangerous new friends who offer dubious help and comfort. One claims to be a magician, while the other seems too kind and good to be true. The trio contend with cultists, terrifying forces from outside reality, and each others’ neuroses.

Expect horror, urban decay, strange magic, paranoia, and a little romance.


2. Trigger warnings? Age rating?

Putting a specific age rating on a story is very difficult. Katalepsis can get pretty gnarly at times! Expect violence and bad language at a minimum. Probably rather a lot of the former. Mental health, queer sexuality, body horror, these are all themes here.

Sexual violence is off the table. That’s about the only thing I won’t write.

Sex ‘on screen’ in the story is also not going to happen.


3. Who are you? Who’s writing this?

Hello! I’m HY. I’ve been writing stories for almost 20 years. I hope you like this one.


4. What’s the long term plan?

Three books, each containing maybe 2-3 dozen arcs, each arc between 4-12 chapters. A lot.


5. Is this story here to stay?

Absolutely, but I know I have to prove that first.


6. Have I seen this website layout somewhere before?

Probably! This site uses the default wordpress 2011 layout, with a few tweaks, which is very popular for web fiction because it’s clean and minimal. I have shamelessly cribbed many design elements, such as chapter listing, from other authors, because they’re good and they work.


7. Can I support the story? Do you have a patreon?

Yes, and yes! And thank you.